Grey seal pup

Still working on old seal photos, here’s my favourite from today. Didn’t realise I had so many good photos of seals.

Grey seal pup


First swim

Grey seal pup having his first swim, Philippians 4:13

Grey seal pup

Brora beach

This is a work in progress. Quite a few hours already in this, but I’m starting to enjoy it now. Still a long way to go though.


*edit* Here’s the final image. Sometimes I think I should just be a black and white photographer and be done with it.



One day while wandering the coast between Brora and Golspie, must have been somewhere around the Coves I guess, came across this pup sunning herself of a rock. Spent a good half an hour with her, and she was a right poser, loved having her photos taken. I must have about a dozen keepers from this shoot.

Common seal pup

Common seal pup

Common seal pup

Fast asleep

Here’s my favourite from yesterday’s work. This wee fella was fast asleep on the beach. As I approached, all the other seals trundled off into the sea with a huge splash. This fella was so sound asleep, he didn’t hear them. I sat down beside him on the sand and it was about 5 minutes or so before he woke up. He looked at me with huge wide eyes, then looked at the sea, then looked at me again. We had a good old chat for a few minutes before he headed down the beach to the water. I got some cracking photos.

Grey seal on a beach