One thing to look out for when taking landscape¬†photos is curves and spirals. The River Brora here has a lovely S shape, while the bridge curves down into the image. People find images like this pleasing without knowing why, they just know they like it. It’s the curves. Your eye follows the curve of the river downstream, then the curve of the bridge takes your eye back to the river and round you go again.

River Brora


Bad hair day

Mr Guts makes me laugh sometimes. One day he was standing on the bird bath in the pouring rain. Had to get this photo. What you might call a bad hair day. Even seagulls have them.

Herrig gull, Mr Guts, bad hair day

Proverbs 4:26

Thought this was appropriate for a new Scripture Printz. We do the pondering and the establishing of our ways, and God then lights our path as we walk the paths we’ve chosen. The religious point of view is God does all our choosing for us,¬†and that’s why folks wind up in mental prisons. Our job is to set the captives free by teaching them the truth. We must choose our paths carefully, rather than blunder on into prisons thinking God is leading us there when he’s doing no such thing. Religion is so cruel. The truth sets us free.

Proverbs 4-26