I’ve a blackcap visiting my back garden 😀

Warbler, Blackcap

*edit* I thought this image strong enough to use professionally as stock, so did a bit of work on it.

Warbler, Blackcap


Common seal pup

I always take a camera with me when I’m out walking, usually my telephoto. More often than not I go home without a single photo. Every now and then though, something special happens and I’m really glad I took the camera with me. I’ve waited years for a decent photo of a common seal pup, and today I met one, down at Brora harbour of all places. She must have been separated from her mum during the storms. After chatting to her for half an hour, she settled down and graciously posed for the camera. I do wish her well and hope she finds her mum again. The moral of the story is, always have a camera with you.

Common seal pup


Everyone is blaming us for plastic, but it isn’t us making the damn stuff is it? Why don’t they find something else to package their shit in before we buy it??? We’re not to blame, we just buy stuff. Stop blaming me for plastic and destroying the oceans, I don’t make the fucking stuff.



Turns out that the Bengal eagle owl I featured a few days ago has died. He’d been hand reared as a chick by the falconer at Dunrobin Castle. His name was Bonsai. I think he was around 20 years old, so he’d had a good life. He was much loved by everyone at Dunrobin and everyone who visited the castle. Thought I’d do a little art piece on him.

Owl, Bengal eagle