Golspie to Brora coastal walk

It was such a gorgeous day, and there was some real warmth in the sun. Felt like stretching the legs, so hopped onto a train to Golspie and walked back to Brora along the coast. Here’s Golspie looking back from near the Big Burn.


And here’s the coastline, looking towards the point at Strathsteven.


The birds were enjoying the sunshine. It’s been a stormy couple of weeks. Here’s Mr Mallard paddling around in Golspie Burn.


Dunrobin Castle was looking good. I do wish them another record breaking year for visitors. Well worth the entrance fee to see the castle, the gardens, and the amazing falconry displays.

Dunrobin Castle

The snow drops were out in Dunrobin Wood. I love this time of year, watching everything come to life, with the whole summer ahead.

Snow drops

Here’s Mr oyster catcher enjoying the sun, propped up on one leg. I’ve no idea how that can be comfortable.

Oyster catcher

Further along the coast I found myself in a once in a lifetime close up and personal encounter with a shag, a bird I’ve been dreaming about photographing for years. Once he realised I wasn’t going to eat him, he settled down and seemed quite happy to pose for the camera. He’s probably exhausted after two weeks of storms.



These shags were sunning themselves somewhere near The Coves. What happened next was hilarious! I guess they weren’t expecting it and didn’t see it coming. It’s good to laugh.



I was tired by the time I got back to Brora. Getting fit again after 10 years takes a lot of work. That’s the point in front of the Radio Station just along the coast.

Brora back shore

Spotted my first daffodils on the way home, on the bank by the bridge. Lovely way to end the walk. Here’s to a wonderful summer!


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