Just call me Mehrtina



Brora Beach Birds

Brora beach isn’t just an amazing walk, it is an amazing place to see birds. Here are a few I managed to take photos of yesterday.

The Arctic terns are here. They’re not nesting yet, but they’re here, enjoying a break from their yearly circumnavigation of planet earth, flying from pole to pole, staying with the daylight. And to think they stop off here in Brora to raise a few chicks.

Arctic tern

Spotted a couple of Little terns as well. Not sure if they’ll be nesting yet, but I’ll keep an eye on the little fellas. They’re so small I thought they were Sanderlings from a distance.

Terns, Little terns

The Ringed plovers are well established and you can usually spot one or two on every walk.


This isn’t a very good photo, as he was well offshore, but this is a Great skua. You don’t see these big fellas very often around here. Handa Island would be the place just now I would think for Skuas.


I’m not 100% sure if these are Sanderlings or Dunlins. As these birds don’t appear to have dark patches on their chest, I’m going for Sanderlings in summer plumage.


And no walk along Brora beach would be complete without an oystercatcher for company.

Oyster catcher

Eider ducks are now well established in Brora. Wasn’t always so. A few decades ago, there were none, they just weren’t here. It’s good to see them.

Ducks, Eider duck