Psalm 60:12

This is another one that will added to the prints gallery very shortly. The word says that we shall trample the dragon under our feet, but we have to always remember it is the power of God and not the power of ourselves that does the job.

Psalm 60:12


Telling the difference

Telling male and female grey seals apart is a little challenging to begin with. The best way to explain the difference is to show you a photo of them together. The bulls have distinct Roman noses, and just look like bulls. The more time you spend with them, the more you notice the differences.

Grey seals, male and female

Sometimes, you just know.

Grey seals mating

Romans 8:31

Here’s a preview of another new print waiting to be uploaded. This photo was taken a couple of years back, on the shores of Loch Brora in Sutherland. The hill is Carroll Rock. It isn’t very often the waters of the lochs in the Highlands are flat calm, even rarer when the northern lights are dancing. This really is a once in a lifetime shot.

Loch Brora

Icy morning

Was up early, so thought I’d take a wander around the village with the camera, see if there was anything doing. It was cold. Had my Leki pole with me, kept me steady on the ice patches. Nothing really exciting going on, but I did manage this rather different shot of Lower Brora and added it to the stock library.

Brora in winter

Just woken up

Here’s another one from this evening’s work. This wee fella was asleep when I sat on the shore nearby. I was only about 20ft from him, perfect distance for 200mm. I’d forgotten about him, and was looking out to sea when he woke up. He must have been looking at me for quite some time before I realised he was awake. I guess I was the first human he’d ever seen, judging by the puzzled look. We chatted for about 10 minutes before I said my goodbyes. This was taken four years back. I wonder where he is now?

Grey seal pup

Grey seal pup

Today I began work on my extensive grey seals library. I’ve hundreds of photos to work through so this is going to take months. I’m not just uploading them, of course, I’m taking each photo into my editing workflow and reworking them as if they were straight out of the camera. This was a finished photo, and I’ve just spent another 20 minutes on it because I wasn’t happy with it. I’m happy with it now!

Grey seal pup